Season 1: Episode 7 – The Giving Yeti


Welcome to Tooning Japanese, a podcast where three dudes in their 30s talk about Japanese anime!

Listen to Season 1: Episode 7 – The Giving Yeti

It’s Andy’s turn once again, and this week is right in his wheelhouse!  The creator of The Shadowvane Podcast gets to review the horror episode of Excel Saga!  In this episode, Excel and Hyatt try to fend off intruders, who just so happen to be Kabapu’s group of bumbling civil servants.  However, the ACROSS secret base isn’t the only thing hidden in the sewers beneath the City of F…

Follow along by watching Excel Saga on Funimation!

New episodes will be released every Sunday.  Season 1 will be our review of the wacky anime Excel Saga!  E-mail the show at!

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