Season 1: Episode 3 – Gastronomical Levels


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Listen to Season 1: Episode 3 – Gastronomical Levels

Greetings, Neenja Commandos from Hell!  This week Josh gives us the rundown on Excel Saga, Episode 3 (“The Sacrificial Lamb of the Venomous Great Escape of Hell”).  This time around Excel finds herself taken hostage in an unknown location (is it Vietnam or just a forest in Japan?), and she must rely on some very interesting people in order to survive.

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New episodes will be released every Sunday.  Season 1 will be our review of the wacky anime Excel Saga!  E-mail the show at!

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2 thoughts on “Season 1: Episode 3 – Gastronomical Levels

  1. Fair warning, known Suicide Prevention advocate Josh begins the episode with a tasteless suicide skit.


    • I thought the same thing. Then again, we already cut 50% of his audio from most episodes, so we had to leave something in. We’d like to apologize for anyone offended by Josh or his joke. -Andy


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