Movie Review: Trigun: Badlands Rumble


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Our apologies for this being a day late. Andy’s been editing these last several episodes himself, and a lot has come up around his home life and work. We’re finally bringing you our review of the Trigun movie! Yes, this week we talk all about Badlands Rumble, which is an interesting film experience that we can sum up as a really long episode of Trigun! Hope you enjoy! We may take next week off so Andy can recover from Gen Con and getting accustomed to being back at work. For now, enjoy our newest episode!

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Trigun: Badlands Rumble

  1. Yeah, the movie felt like a longer episode blessed with higher production values. I don’t think fans mind though, as it has been years since the series ended.


    • It did suffer a bit from the similar feel, but at the same time, it was in itself pretty awesome that we got more Trigun storytelling so long after the original! Thanks for the comment and for checking out our show, by the way!

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